Providers are ready to compete for your business via eCommunity's Open Access Fiber Network

We Enable Fair Competition

We have one the world's most advanced open access fiber networks. We are interconnected directly with both large and small service providers who are ready to compete to provide enhanced broadband services across our fiber-to-the-premise network. Providers are ready to deliver traditional broadband services such as super-fast Internet, High-Definition IP TV, and Feature Rich Voice-Over IP Phone.

In addition, there are a wide range of Over-the-Top application providers who are ready to provide direct access to their applications and services, all without crossing the Internet.

What's the difference?

eCommunity begins with a fiber connection that starts at your home or business and routes all the way, along the public right-of-way, to our nearest carrier interconnect gateway. That means no other provider can control the connection. Providers can only control access to their services at the gateway. Change is just a click away.

You don't pay us!

Providers use our network to compete for your business.

No more Monopolies

You don't need Internet to enjoy your favorite applications.

Alway's On

Even if you can't afford Internet, you can have access to what you need.

More Choices are Now Available


Multiple Internet, IP Voice, and IP TV Providers.

Small Business

Multiple Biz Class Internet, IP Voice, and IP TV Providers.

Enterprise & Gov't

Multiple Dedicated Internet, IP Voice, and IP TV Providers.

Direct Applications

Get direct access to Netflix, Microsoft 360, Hulu and other Applications without Internet.

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Breaking the Divide


Help us expand eCommunity into neighboring towns, cities and counties!
We are ready to work alongside public, civic and business leaders to enable them to leverage our network
to help tackle a wide range of socio-economic barriers. It all starts with you.
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